Braintrust :: Doors are open!
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Braintrust :: Doors are open!

By now you know how a Braintrust is a power tool to achieve excellence in complex projects and how we are going to replicate it this weekend. Now it is time for you to decide whether you are on board... 🙌

Here's a challenge that Josie will bring to our Braintrust:

"I want to build up multiple streams of relatively passive income [...] over the next ten years. [...] What infrastructure/structure/planting schemes in my digital garden will help me lay the best foundation to support my journey?"

That's just perfect! Do you see how there are various aspects to consider? It is an ideal challenge for a diverse group of practicing and aspiring knowledge entrepreneurs on every level.

What challenge will YOU bring to the Braintrust?

👉 Book your Braintrust

I am sure it won't be the last but as mentioned in my story from Paris, I recommend you to join early. The registration for this workshop closes tomorrow at 11:00 AM UTC (London) to proceed with exchanging of challenges and detailed schedule.

Another reason to leap now instead of later could be the price. The workshop requires a lot of preparation and follow-up work on my part and so I need to earn from it to make it sustainable. But at this first event, I am going to get loads of value in form of learnings and feedback, so there is no need to prioritize money at this point.

I paid roughly 2000 USD back in the day for the Paris event. Luckily, I can offer a virtual version of the Braintrust for a much lower rate, while still retaining a big part of the value from a Braintrust for you.

If I could pick any price now, I would ask for 250 EUR per person for the weekend. However, as this is the first cohort, I decided to go with 100 EUR per person.

Now even though I believe this is very reasonable for such a workshop, this price won't be a good fit for everybody. Let me address two important variants of this:

For some of you, 100 EUR is affordable in principle but you have second thoughts about the value you'll get in return from the workshop. In that case, I'd recommend not to join but rather just to wait and observe. Maybe I didn't earn enough of your trust yet. Or maybe the path of a knowledge entrepreneur is not yet a priority of yours. Or maybe you consider this not a good time to get external input on one of your challenges. Whatever it may be, it is best to not force things into place.

For some of you, 100 EUR is currently just not in the budget. Here I think I can help with the flex-price option. I strongly believe that money should not be a criterion blocking entrepreneurs from growth. Because I learned myself that it is events like this that bring you into a position where money won't be an issue anymore.

So you can't afford this price, just reply with a short message about you and your motivation to participate in the workshop. (No need to justify the money part). I'll find a place for you in this or future workshops and you just decide after the event what you can afford to pay. I'll be glad to have you on board, no matter what!

OK, so having that out of the way I open the gates to sign-up for the workshop. Here again the facts in a nutshell:

  • this weekend 20/21 Feb (exact timing of sessions to be determined tomorrow with participants)
  • limited to 8 participants (5 slots left)
  • 1-hour focus on a challenge you bring and active participation in the other sessions
  • access to notes from your and other sessions in Notion space
  • 100 EUR per person (or reply to this mail for flex-price option)

👉 Book your Braintrust

No risk policy: I guarantee you'll get more value out of this event than I ask for in return. If for any reason you can't make the schedule work or are unsatisfied with the outcome of the workshop, I'll grant a full refund.

Hope to see you this weekend 🙋🏻‍♂️


PS: If you decide not to join at this point, then please send me a message why. One word answers are totally fine 🙂