Braintrust :: This is how we do it...
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Braintrust :: This is how we do it...

I shared with you my personal experience of the Farnam Street workshops and how the Pixar Braintrust adds significant value to a creative process.

I want you to have access a similar experience. To summon the expertise of a diverse group of experts towards a topic of your choice. To learn from the challenges of other entrepreneurs. To put yourself in their shoes and see how the feedback helps them to see a path forward. It is going to be transformative!

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Here's how we're gonna do it:

  • We come together via Zoom on the weekend March 20/21 between 3pm-7pm UTC/London
  • There is an 8 participants limit
  • Everyone sends one bottleneck challenge they identified upfront
  • I distribute the challenges before the event so that we can all prepare
  • During the workshop, we‘ll dedicate one hour to each participant
  • 5 minutes intro, 55 minutes conversation with collaborative note-taking

Take the time

The final schedule depends on the time zones of participants. Please join only if you can make the core time slot work: March 20th/21st, Saturday and Sunday, 3pm-7pm UTC/London.

We'll try to keep the session length reasonably short. So if we are the full 8 people, we could do four 2,5 hour sessions, spread across the weekend. That way you can rest or take a walk during the sessions.

Last time we had one 5 hour session (with short breaks) on Sunday and time simply flew by. As Max so kindly put it "Achim has been excellent in all aspects: calm, empathic, measured, balanced. He orchestrated our long hours together in such a light way that I felt them passing by in an eye-blink."

You'll still find time to enjoy the weekend. We'll agree on detailed timing once we know who signed up for it.

Bring your challenge

The bottleneck challenge you bring to the Braintrust is entirely up to you. I strongly encourage you to select a challenge that is clearly holding you back. Something that you feel resistant to overcome all by yourself. Something where you feel stuck or intimidated.

Even if you struggle to pinpoint the challenge, the conversational format of the event will allow you to identify the core aspect rather quickly. Whatever topic you'll choose, there will be a path to resolve the next steps and create significant value for you.

Invest in your progress

I am going to ask for a fee to participate in the event. First and foremost I want to lead with example. If you are creating value with your expertise, you should always ask for a part of the value in return in order to make your expertise sustainable. The event also requires significant effort and time for preparation on my part. Besides, a price tag will self-select for people that are committed to taking the potential of the Braintrust seriously.

However, I do offer a flex-fee option for everyone that struggles to afford the price. With a flex-fee ticket, you can still participate in the full event first and only then decide on whatever amount you want and can pay for it. I intend to offer a flex-fee contingent for all paid events going forward.

That way money doesn't have to be a barrier for people that want to join but can't afford the asking price. As for everything I do, there is a risk-free refund option in case you are unsatisfied with the result.

Get your Braintrust Mar 20/21 Ticket here!

In the meantime, I am open for any feedback you might have 😀


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