🎈 Create experiences like Banksy
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🎈 Create experiences like Banksy

[πŸ“―Brief housekeeping update: from now on the Salon will be a standing invitation on Wednesdays 5PM UTC/London. The next one #05 is on "Earning". Find the highlights from our last Salon #04 on Audience here.]


Have you ever wondered why some creations are considered tremendously valuable while others are not? Let me tell you the story of Banksy, the world-famous street artist with a hidden identity. Banksy is a master teacher for knowledge entrepreneurs. Analyzing his path to success teaches you core insights on how to generate value in public places, like the internet.

Banksy started out around 2001 painting his creations in the streets of London. Like many artists, Banksy had expertise in creating beautiful and intelligent paintings. What set him apart was the way he presented them in public. Out on the streets, a lot of people could experience his work. His creations stood out because they were intelligent and triggered strong emotions (theartstory.org).

The experience for his audience didn't stop there as not only his art but also his story was inherently exciting. Where can I see more creations from Banksy? Who is Banksy in the first place? When will he strike again? How can he create his art without being caught? All this makes an amazing story to hear and share with your friends. So experiences kept piling up.

Now notice how at this point Banksy didn't capture any part of his value in return. But the value of his work kept growing and growing. Over time he found ways to earn millions of pounds from his creations. The specifics of the earning component will be part of a future edition of the newsletter.

In our Salon #03 we went into details on the role of experiences and also the importance of storytelling for this process. Find the highlights of this discussion here.

A Prompt

What could you do to spark a larger number of experiences with your creations? Where could you put your work or reference them to make them experienced by a larger audience? How could you increase the intensity of the experience?

πŸ“§ Reply to this mail with your answers and I'll provide feedback.

A Place for Your Community (Circle.so)

Circle started with the goal to re-create Facebook groups without Facebook. They succeeded in creating a very simple and beautiful online forum that gives the owner complete control over their community. Early customers included Building a Second Brain and Ness Labs, that I joined early this year while Circle was still in public beta. It is a huge opportunity for knowledge entrepreneurs to create valuable paid communities and I encourage you to join a community based on Circle to experience more about it.

A Genuinely Interesting Life (Tynan)

I discovered Tynan's blog around 8 years ago. I vividly remember how I learned that he once put up a pool in his flat because he considered getting a penguin as a pet. In all the years his stories never went stale. He bought apartments in Budapest, Hawaii, Tokyo, Las Vegas, and an island (!) with friends in a surprisingly affordable way. He wrote a year of blog posts in a single 10-day cruise. He started to drive a Bentley (an old one), bought art, learned tea ceremony, and started coaching. He explains the details and reasoning behind all these actions very well in his articles. I consider him an expert for living an interesting life.

Highlights from Around the Web

  • Side Hustle Stack - is a great example of how you can build up an expert website without any coding skills or services. In this case, the page runs as a published Notion page where the authors collect opportunities for makers to earn a living on the side.
  • A reliable info product strategy - I like how Daniel Vasallo summarizes some learnings (with social proof) in this tweet. I also intend to drill down into the "high info density" aspect in the near future.

Happy New Year! πŸŽ‡

It is going to be a year full of opportunities for knowledge entrepreneurs! πŸ™Œ

PS: To see the genuine magic of community in action, have a look at this video πŸŽ₯ and then the hashtag #ThankYouAnneLaure on Twitter 😊

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