😈 Despite your resistance
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😈 Despite your resistance

I've been avoiding a lot of work for knowledge entrepreneurs this week. I kept myself busy, working in—probably too much—detail on a big Trickle update that went live yesterday.

I noticed again and again how I avoided work on ideas and todos that I had scheduled, like writing tweets and new articles. I felt a lot of Resistance with capital R.

If you read the book The War of Art by Stephen Pressfield you know what I mean by this. The book is a must-read for every creative, which includes you. The author wonderfully describes the feeling that we all know but struggle to justify.

It was brought back to me in a recent interview of Pressfield in the Tim Ferriss podcast. There he described Resistancelike this:

...in my book The War of Art, I talk about the concept of resistance with a capital R, which is again, that force of self-sabotage is a big theme in my life, that will try to stop you as a writer or an artist or anybody from achieving your best work, from following your calling, will try to distract you, undermine your self-confidence, make you procrastinate, make you quit, make you give in to fear, or on the other hand, make you such a perfectionist that you spend all day on one paragraph and you accomplish nothing.

You'll notice Resistance creeping up when you enter new territory. Especially once you start losing momentum. When enthusiasm wears off and things start to get harder. Or when you are just not in a good mood and a little vulnerable.

The rational part of your mind starts assessing the situation and sure doesn't like what it sees. It wants to keep you safeand steer you away from potential harm. Uncertainty is always bad news for this rational and conservative thinker. So you'll find all kinds of doubts appearing in your head. All of them leading to the one and only logical conclusion that the best way forward is to stop and quickly return back to safety.

The problem with creative work is that it is never safe. Your best work will always push boundaries. It is scary and uncertain by default. Hence we don't have a choice.

Resistance becomes a constant companion.

At altMBA we learned to use Resistance as a compass. It can show us exactly where the interesting path is, that leads us to the most value. Instead of avoiding it, we should move towards Resistance, approaching it head-on.

You can actually hear it in the stories of people further down the road. People you regard as successful today. In hindsight, they often share their Resistance stories, of doubts and uncertainty and how they stumbled forward into the unknown. Looking back, these moments made all the difference for their success.

In the very same Tim Ferriss interview, Tim describes some of his doubts based on a recent interview he gave:

...he read a few paragraphs from The 4-Hour Workweek, and here’s what you can probably guess. Here’s what I thought to myself. “Goddamn, I have done nothing but become worse at writing since I was 29. For fuck’s sake, what am I doing with my life?" [...] for whatever reason, the pixie dust has been lost. Or that I’ve atrophied, I’ve so let the muscles atrophy that I’m past the point of no return. Have you ever contended with this?

Being expert in this matter, Pressfield replied with a quick assessment (emphasize mine):

So I would say for sure, Tim, that thought that you have is bullshit. It’s Resistance. It’s totally Resistance. There’s nothing wrong with you. You haven’t lost any pixie dust. That is pure Resistance. It’s finding a weak spot in you. It just knows it.

There you have it. Even with millions of followers, millions in the bank, and a track record of success, Resistance doesn't leave. It is there for Tim, for Stephen and it will be there for you.

And this can be good news! It explains how normal it is to have doubts and fears. Like rainy days, your encounters with Resistance serve a purpose. They are a sign that you are on the right track.

And it's going to be just fine ✨🌈

Prompt :: A prompt

Where are you currently feeling the most resistance in your life? Is it a particular task, a project, a conversation with someone that is overdue? Use it as a compass and tackle this task head-on. Know that you are not alone in this and that this is just the way it feels to do something meaningful. Do it and let me know how it turned out for you?

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I wish all of us to happily overcome our Resistance this week ✨

Achim 🙋🏻‍♂️

PS: I started an experiment in mentorship. I am going to help an up-and-coming knowledge entrepreneur in weekly sessions to reach his goals. If you'd be interested in weekly 1-on-1 sessions with me to advance your own knowledge entrepreneur journey, reply with a short message.

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