Why evergreen pages are the core of this site
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Why evergreen pages are the core of this site

I am building this website with an exciting new principle in mind: evergreen pages. It is something I adapted from the idea of digital gardens and evergreen notes. It is also influenced by modern note-taking tools like Notion and Roam, which I am both using on a daily basis. The core premise is this:

I'll be evolving the pages of this site to provide at any point in time the maximum value to my audience.

The concept of digital gardens and evergreen notes is one of my most valuable insights of 2020. Its relevance for knowledge entrepreneurs is huge. I believe it could influence online publishing on a similar scale as blogging did.

This very page is a good example. It starts right now as a short explanation of the term. I am going to come back to it soon and add more details. However, already like this, it aims to provide some value to you in clarifying the term. Certainly, it provides more value as if I wouldn't have published it at all.

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