Introducing Get Up To Tech workshop
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Introducing Get Up To Tech workshop

I am trying out a new workshop format that I may offer in the future on a regular basis. The working title for this is: Get up to tech ๐Ÿฆพ

In case you're wondering, you pronounce it like the lyrics of this song.

It is a collaborative tech learning session where a group of people comes together and I guide you through a tool.

  • We start off with a general introduction so that everyone gets up to speed for the understanding of the tool.
  • Then I open up to receive specific challenges from the audienceand walk you through how I would address them. We can even do screen shares to have a look at your accounts.
  • You'll be able to chime in from the audience (with questions AND answers) so that we can all learn together.

I am confident that such a session will give many of you a huge boost in your productivity with these tools, even if you already know your way around. If that sounds interesting, then get on the list to get notified about future sessions.

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