😓 Get used to feeling overwhelmed
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😓 Get used to feeling overwhelmed

I feel overwhelmed these days and I suspect you're feeling it, too.

There is an overwhelming catalog of possibilities in a growing number of areas of our lives.

  • Who do you choose to talk to, if you can reach all of your contacts instantly and free of charge? Do you send a message, an email, a video, or do you even dare to call?
  • What events do you choose to participate in from a growing catalog of Zoom calls, webinars, and entertainment?
  • Which movies, series, or games do you choose from the catalogs of Netflix, Prime, Disney+, or the growing number of game subscription services?
  • Which newsletters, articles, news, magazines, or books do you choose to read?
  • What apps, what food, what exercise, what clothes, what...

Decisions don't seem to end.

Boundaries and limits that we used to know from the past constantly dissolve.

The root cause seems to be digital connectivity!

You are connected to the endless people, companies, and possibilities via the Internet and more and more choices arrive online every day.

And digital connectivity creeps into the real world, too.

Yesterday I ordered a few groceries from the Gorillas app. The bike courier delivered them to my doorstep 9 minutesafter I pressed the order button. 9 minutes! 🤯

Not even enough time to set up the plates and make tea until the doorbell rang. It means for my dinner choice I am technically not constraint anymore by what groceries I currently have in my pantry or fridge.

Fewer constraints, more choices, more overwhelm...

Since connection works both ways, you'll see how this also increasingly forces decisions upon you:

  • How do you reply when you are getting contacted by more and more people via social media?
  • What do you do if more and more emails pile up in your inbox?
  • What do you identify as relevant from the constant stream of worldwide news?
  • How do you manage your urges when targeted by advertising for your specific interests?
  • How do you deal with people around you using more and more of these new possibilities and telling you their stories?

I obviously cannot give you answers to all these questions but I can assure you this:

You are not alone!

We are all experiencing overwhelm in some form or another at this point. Humanity is going through this together!

We'll surely develop systems, techniques, and skills to deal with this overwhelm but it is going to take some time and adjustments.

In the meantime, just don't be surprised if you feel overwhelmed.

Jack Butcher draws your eye on the essential (Visualize Value)

When dealing with overwhelm it can be helpful to focus on the essentials. Jack Butcher is a web designer that started an agency but came to success on the internet by publishing his minimal visuals to illustrate insights. Have a look at his Twitter or Instagram feeds to see what that's like. Starting from that he released a few courses and community products became very successful. He is sharing his numbers and lessons learned publicly.

Lighten your email inbox (Hey.com)

My recent switch to the Hey.com email service helped to reduce overwhelm for my emails on quite a few levels. First of all, it allows assigning newsletters into a category called the feed. You can open the feed anytime but it doesn't store read/unread information. This stops newsletters from bloating up your inbox. A second great feature is to bundlemessages by sender. That way status messages or emails from people that message a lot just take up only a single line in your inbox, even if unread.

Small articles from the web

How Apple designed AirTags to be privacy-first and stalker-proof (fastcompany.com) - Since Apple rolled out the AirTags most of us will sooner or later get in contact with them. This article explains in what ways and what Apple does to protect our privacy.

Embrace the Grind (jacobian.org) - A nice reminder that in some situations simple but hard work can give you impressive leverage in a situation.

Product-Centric is Just as Bad as Sales-Driven (itamargilad.com) - One of the most difficult balances to strike is an important lesson for every entrepreneur, including me! (Danke Alex)

Thank you for choosing to read my newsletter, even with so many overwhelming choices around you 🤗

Have a great week!


PS: I'll be hosting two info sessions next Saturday to explain what I do on my weekly Dragon Days. If that sounds interesting, join me in the morning or in the evening 🐉

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