🌏 Guided by value exchange
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🌏 Guided by value exchange

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At the core of many activities that we perform in our specialized societies is a value exchange. Someone provides value and receives a part of this value in return. If you pay attention, you see how it applies to almost everything we do.

  • A teacher provides education to students and receives value in return in form of a salary
  • A restaurant creates a nice meal and atmosphere for the guest and gets value in return in the form of money
  • YouTube creates a solution for streaming videos and asks for value in return by the audience to watch advertising in the breaks

Paying attention to the underlying value exchange can serve as a guiding principle for many of your decisions as an entrepreneur. It not only applies to your products and payments but also to growing an audience. In the last Salon we talked about seeding and how many creators shy away from this activity as it can feel like simple self-promotion. But if you guide your actions from a position of value exchange, you can generate a win-win situation.

If you would simply broadcast your work in a community, you generally provide very little value but still take up the time and attention of the members. This is just a bad deal.

But if you take time to find existing messages from people that have a problem in your area of expertise, things start to change. You can now reply with a useful comment or answer a question with your expertise. Creating such value puts you in the position for an appropriate ask, such as referencing a link to your work. Few people will have a problem with that.

Similarly, you can post your work as an article in selected communities that are generally interested in your line of expertise. Even better if you tailor your message specifically to the community, adhering to their guidelines and using language that resonates. Bringing your work to them provides again some value and there is no problem to include a reference to your website or profile.

In summary, for every relationship, use this guiding principle: create value first before you ask for a smaller part in return. If you adhere to that foundational principle, you'll have plenty of open doors to explore.

A prompt

Think about a person or a community where you would love to ask for something, for example for people to go to your website. Now think about how you can provide value in that context. Can you curate a particularly useful subset of your work? Can you provide useful feedback or recognition? Can your content answer a question that someone posted? Think about what you could do to arrive at a position for a tactful ask. And then give it a try...

💬 Reply to this mail with what you did and the results you got.

Much more than live podcasts (Clubhouse)

Clubhouse is an exciting new social network that is currently growing at full speed. Think of it as live podcasting with the possibility to let the audience speak. Similar to Snapchat the conversations are not recorded which adds to the event and communication character of the medium. Judging from my first couple of days on the platform I can't recommend it highly enough. It is a new form of communication that is here to stay. It is a timely and exciting opportunity for creators. Right now you can establish a foothold in an up and coming social network. Follow me at @arothe access events tailored to Knowledge Entrepreneurs right from the app. Or see this article I wrote on Medium about etiquette and conventions that already emerged.

DSLR video shooter (Caleb Pike)

I discovered Caleb's channel during research for my Zoom setup and came across his video 10 YEARS on Youtube - What I've Learned. Among the many things, that stood out to me was the phrase "There is no competition in this space" which I hear again and again from knowledge entrepreneurs reflecting on their journeys. I encourage you to watch the whole video as it gives a good feeling of what it's like to be a genuine creator earning a living with your work online. And I invite you to adopt this mindset of NOT seeing other creators as competition, as I see it again and again proven in this digital space.

Small bites from the web

That's it for now. Have a wonderful week!

Achim 🙋🏻‍♂️

PS: I'll be pretty active on Clubhouse so consider to follow me @arothe in case you sign up 👋

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