📧 Newsletters surround you with experts
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📧 Newsletters surround you with experts

For nearly 10 years I benefit from the value of newsletters as a consumer.

Newsletters are my preferred medium to surround myself with experts I currently seek in my life.

I tried to remember the first newsletter I subscribed to for this text but couldn't, probably because — depending on my current needs — I am changing them so frequently.

Here a sample of my current subscriptions:

I regularly get huge amounts of value from these newsletters!

So I wonder why newsletters seem to suffer from a bad reputation. Let me highlight a few experiences:

No, I don't read every single issue. That's not the point. Instead I treat each newsletter as an invitation to engage with the expertise of the author. Think of it like the sections of a weekly newspaper. I open the page and have a quick look and if something resonates I dive deeper. Even if I would go through my full subscription of 20+ newsletters it would not cause me more time than reading a Sunday newspaper. But in contrast to a newspaper, it was me who consciously assembled the team of experts that is writing for me.

I frequently unsubscribe from newsletters that I lost interest in and never got a problem with spam. Unsubscribing is always easy. My reason to unsubscribe most often is not the quality of the content, rather I decided that I stopped prioritising this particular expertise anymore in my life.

In contrast to the web or social media, I always seem to find content from a newsletter that I remember because they are safe and sound in my email archive. Only newsletters can't be changed anymore once they got to my attention via my inbox.

I am sharing this here because for the first time I can return the favor 😀 From now on I'll be sending out this newsletter for Knowledge Entrepreneurs every week.

If that is an expertise you currently seek in your life, then stay for the ride. I'll do my best to make it worthwhile.

And if not, by all means, unsubscribe anytime. I'll be here for you, in case things change 🙋🏻‍♂️

A prompt

Think for a moment, what expertises you currently seek in your life. Is it online marketing, personal finance, mindfulness, poetry, technology explainers? Then spend some time researching experts and sign up for their newsletters. Give them 2-4 weeks and then unsubscribe if you don't like what you receive.

Now think for whom you could provide value with a newsletter? What expertise and format would you pick? Reply with your answer and I'll provide feedback 💫

Segmenting the crowd (ConvertKit)

ConvertKit is an email marketing provider that most creators seem to recommend these days. What set them apart from Mailchimp at first was one defining feature: segmentation. ConvertKit allowed to easily provide links in emails where subscribers can indicate interest in a certain topic. From then on authors can consider these tags in their messaging. Tiago Forte described it to me recently as picturing a big football stadium of subscribers and suddenly be able to segment it into different groups of fans. Other providers are starting to implement this, too. But ConvertKit seems to have done the best job so far. ConvertKit is free for accounts with less than 1000 subscribers.

Much more to it than photography (Sean Tucker)

Last week I featured a YouTuber related to photography here I have to do it again. Even though I am not particularly interested in photography. I follow Sean Tucker for quite some time because of his authenticity and the visual style of his videos. At first discovered a video from him, where he talks to people considering to start a YouTube channel. I found it sincere and well made. But the last video I saw is particularly relevant for Knowledge Entrepreneurs. I'll probably go into details in a separate post but watch this video and think how you could adapt the techniques he mentions to your own medium and audience: a process to select the highlights (including feedback from social media), compiling them into a special medium, offering them to your audience as support. There is so much to learn from that video!

Small bites from the web

That's it for this week...

I'll continue to try out Clubhouse so ping me @arothe when you sign up (or if you need an invite) 👋

Have a great week 😀


PS: If you know someone who might be seeking expertise on how to earn extra income with your knowledge, then consider forwarding this email or sharing the signup link 🙌

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