Salon #02 - Experts
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Salon #02 - Experts

Salon #02 - Experts

Some expertise you won't decide

The wow moment came yesterday half an hour after the official end of Knowledge Entrepreneur Salon. There were still four of us in the call, sitting around the virtual fireplace, continuing to riff on the topic of expertise.

That's when Massimo said (and I am paraphrasing here):

"There will always be people with more expertise than you, there will always be people with less expertise than you, it is not for you to decide whether you are the expert."

Boom! 💥 There was the key insight that I never saw as clear as this before. I could only add:

"And it is the job of a knowledge entrepreneur to show up with your particular expertise. So that your audience - people that do get value out of this - can find you."

I overlooked this particular angle from our Salon conversation before. Now in hindsight, it sounds completely obvious.

For example, when we talked about comedians and I could feel different opinions in the room. Not for everyone, but for some of us they are experts. Experts for particular humor, for storytelling, or even productivity - as Gregori had the example of Seinfeld. But they won't be an expert for everyone. And that is OK!

Experts show up with their expertise as an offer. And the people that get the value out of this, will recognize them. That's why many comedians are already taking the path of a knowledge entrepreneur. They don't rely on gatekeepers judging their work. They show up online, find their audience, and start earning an income.

We shouldn't expect to agree on who is an expert for someone else.

Sure, we may agree on world-famous experts. Even though Tiger Woods is no relevant expert for me - I don't play or watch golf - I easily accept that he has a lot of expertise. But I cannot know everything in our connected and highly specialized world. I will come across people that are the equivalent to Tiger Woods for many, many other people and I won't have a clue.

Being an expert is relative and depends on expert in what and expert for who?

I bet you are an expert, too. Not for everyone, but for a lot of people. And the best part, it is not even up to you to decide! ✨ If you show up and make your expertise recognizable, your audience will find you and stay around.

On that note, I want to THANK YOU for showing up to the Salon 🤗 I do hope it increased your knowledge of Expertise in some way. As you see, it increased mine. I'll post updates on the upcoming Salon events in luma, Twitter, and the newsletter.

And I would love to see you at the next one 🙋🏻‍♂️


PS: I also learned another important lesson yesterday about the value of information density and information experience. It was inspired by looking at this tweet after the event. I'll put it into the next newsletter, as this message is getting too long already ;)

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