The Knowledge Entrepreneurs Salon

The Knowledge Entrepreneurs Salon

This is for you if you are a creator who would like to earn additional income with your knowledge.

At the Salon we increase our knowledge through conversation ✨ The goal is that everyone participating gets new insights about the topic at hand either by actively participating or listening in to the conversation.

This is the first season of the Salon, where we'll be going through each building block of the knowledge entrepreneur formula.

A knowledge entrepreneur is an expert who creates for an audience earning an income.

The Knowledge Entrepreneurs Salon series is part of my own journey as knowledge entrepreneur. It is a standing invitation on Wednesday's at 5 pm UTC/London time, for other knowledge entrepreneurs and people interested in the topic.

Upcoming sessions

All sessions take place 5 pm UTC (London) time. As this time may not work well in Asia, please reach out in case you feel like missing out. I'll provide an on-damand Salon at a more suitable time for you.


Past sessions

About the Salon series

Each salon session is only 45 minutes long and takes place on Wednesdays at 5 pm UTC (London) .

I'll be hosting follow-up events in the future, which will narrow down on individual aspects. For example, in Salon #02 we talked about experts in general. We'll be talking about competence, mindset, or branding of experts in individual sessions.

After each Salon, I'll be extracting and condensing highlights of our conversation and share them here on the website. I do this in the form of evergreen pages, so expect the event pages to evolve over time.

There are a few benefits of participating in the live event. You'll be able to stear the conversation and ask questions. It is a great opportunity to meet like-minded people and form new connections. But even just listening in has its merrits. As you are following the conversations, you'll be actively engaging in the thought process. You'll also link your insights to the experience which will result in better memory.

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