Seeding is crucial for your success
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Seeding is crucial for your success

Creating great content is not enough, you have to draw attention to it, too. Especially when you are starting and your audience size is still small.

There is no point in creating and hoping for the best. Many creators shy away from this part and I believe it is one of the most common reasons when entrepreneurs fail. Instead, take success into your own hands and start seeding. It is simple but not easy and goes like this.

The ideal way to do this is by contributing value. For example, you look for posts with questions where your content can help and reply with a message and link to it in the comments. Another option is to post a summary or variation of your content to the community and refer to your content to dive deeper.

Ideally, you can start in communities that you already know and where you provided value in the past. For example, those that are related to your expertise, where you already spend time to learn.

There are two general ways for engaging:

  • Commenting - replying to existing posts puts quality over quantity. Generally, authors are highly interested in the comments for their posts. They often even receive notifications for new replies. So you can count on at least one engaged recipient for your message. Though it may be fewer people, those who read the comments of an article are likely very interested in the subject of the post. So this helps you to stand out if you provide value.

    Comments are typically shorter and take less time to create than posts. On the other hand, they are more tailored to the specific situation and generally less re-usable.
  • Posting - posting will generally make your title more visible to a broader audience but creates less engagement. Drawing attention to something you say in large audiences is tough and very competitive. Writing a good post takes more time and there is no guarantee that it will spark interest or get traction. Don't underestimate that this can take a toll on your motivation, too.

    That's why I would highly recommend doing your posting with re-usable content. For example, you can create a great post for a community and then post it a few weeks later in your garden of expertise. That way the time you spent writing it will not be lost.

A good seeding strategy comprises consistency and both, posting and commenting, in an adequate ratio. As a start, you could go with 1 post and 5 comments. I highly recommend dedicating time for seeding and safe a place for it in your calendar. Social accountability can help, too.

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