Your stack as a knowledge entrepreneur
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Your stack as a knowledge entrepreneur

Programmers are used to working with a variety of technologies for different purposes and coined the term "stack" to reference this inventory of tools. More and more non-programmers are using the term to describe their collection of products, apps, and services that they consider relevant to their work. The website YourStack extends this concept even to personal use and allows everyone to list, describe, and share their stack with others.

It is useful to talk about stacks because the right tools can enable powerful new capabilities, especially when you are working as an expert.

I am going to describe all tools that I am using (or researching) for my knowledge entrepreneur journey and you'll find them tagged with #stack.

Creation Tools

Starting out I am going to focus on the tools I use for Creation. I list them here as an overview and are going to link to articles whenever I add them:

Audience Tools

  • ConvertKit as email relationship suite for managing signups and broadcasting to your audience (website)
  • Circle as community forum for thread based communication (website)

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