🖼 A window of opportunity
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🖼 A window of opportunity

Technology is constantly changing the landscape of the world as we know it.

The pace of change has never been this fast, yet it will never be this slow again. —Justin Trudeau

I want to draw your attention to a window of opportunity. One that is currently open and could be particularly relevant to you:

As an individual, you now have access to all the tools you need to create and exchange value at scale!

This means that you have everything at your disposal, to generate value with your expertise, deliver it to a huge number of people, and earn a corresponding income in return.

Here's an illustrative example: Ali Abdaal is a junior doctor who started a YouTube channel about productivity around June 2017. In December 2020 his channel hit 1.3 million subscribers. He recently stated in the video intro for a course he just launched that he now earns more than 100.000 USD. That is, per month...!

Let me emphasize the most relevant point here: As an individual, single person, Ali has everything he needs to engage in a value exchange with a huge number of people in such a way that it generates these huge earnings for him. Only a couple of years ago this would have been impossible for an individual. It would have taken far too much organization and processes to handle all parts of this value chain: learning video editing, creating content, distributing it, settings up advertising deals, organize financial payments, etc.

Today, Ali creates YouTube videos and courses (among other things) and distributes them to over a million people. And just like large corporations who are operating at this scale, he earns a corresponding share of that in return. Oh and let's not forget that he did the heavy-lifting of growing his channel as side-hustle while studying and working as a junior doctor!

Take this as an example that only recently all the pieces came together. One of the latest additions is the part to earn and collect payments online. PayPal, Stripe, Gumroad, or content platforms with built-in remuneration systems like YouTube, Teachable, or Substack are introducing new options to content creators. I'll talk more in detail about this part in future newsletters but for now, let me point to the notes from a recent Salon about the topic Earning.

Keep further attention to that window of opportunity. You'll see more and more people around you raising their hand, showing their expertise, delivering value, and earning a corresponding part of the value they created in return. And this can be quite substantial amounts.

A prompt

If you would start to create value at scale today. What medium—text, video, audio, software—and what area of expertise would you choose?

📧 Reply with your answer and I'll send you feedback

Your event manager (Luma)

It's easy to invite people to a Zoom. But when you send an open invitation to a larger group things change. How many people are going to show up? Will they put it in their calendar? Should you send out reminders, but to who? All these organizational challenges can be addressed with Luma. Instead of the Zoom link, you send a Luma link. People can register and will be reminded about attending the event, including eventual changes. Luma is free. If you want to charge for an event, Luma can take care of this, too, for a small fee.

One man shows (Pieter Levels)

Pieter is a well-known character in the world of digital nomads and indie programmers (does the term indie-celebrity exist?). He started to teach himself programming and moved from his home in Amsterdam to Bali. While doing public experiments he got a lot of traction with Nomadlist, a website and community that gives digital nomads a quick overview of a country. Pieter was always very transparent about his work and is a great example of the audience benefits of working in public. In a recent blog post, he summarizes his journey, stating that he now makes over 1 Million in annual recurring revenue from his work.

Small bites from the web

Thank you for lending me your attention for this newsletter! I hope it was useful for you.

And shout out to Lester who made me aware that in the last edition it was nearly impossible to identify my name 😆

Yours truly, Achim 👋

PS: I constantly update the website with relevant insights for knowledge entrepreneurs, like for example this one about Your Ask—which is kind of meta as I am asking you right now to check it out.

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